Penthouse Mouse 2013






After 7 successful years Moth Design have decided not to stage a PHM in 2014

From its inception in Market Lane, Melbourne in 07, to the 3000m2 decrepit warehouse in Stanley street Collingwood, The Fun Factory in South Yarra, The Naval and Military Club, Melbourne, the vast space of Shed 4 Docklands, Kerr Street Fitzroy and finally Wills street Melbourne in 2013 we have seen hundreds of labels, artists and musicians come and go. Grow and change.

We have seen many thousands of you visit us on our many events and runway shows, marvel and interact with the artworks and drink in our bars at all the locations.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to allow freedom to artists and labels and to showcase not only the works but the buildings to a wider audience, to celebrate their history as most of them now do not exist.

Thank you to all the creatives, sponsors and volunteers that helped us bring this project to life.

Its time to move on to something new, we thank you all for coming!

with love.

the Mice AKA the Moths

Agnes So
Art Money
Audrey Thomas-Hayes
Brigit Ryan
Chloe Stevens
David Mutch
Eli Ghias
Hamish Munro x Gregory Humble
Hariette Barrile x Carrie McGrath
James Todorov
Jia Jia Ji Chen x Sophie Moorhouse Morris
Joel Zika x Mark Godoy
Kate Meakin
Kirstin Lewis x Blake Barns
Kirsty Hulm x Dale Hardiman
Klara Fletcher
Kristin McIver
Lauren Dunn
Nellie Rogerson
Nicholas Batty
Nixi Killick
Olivia O’Donnell
Stephanie Martin
Volker Haug
Sapporo Paul Mitchell Copy Boy Moth Design
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