Penthouse Mouse 2013






Agnes So

Agnes So is interested in the visual and corporeal relationships between subject, object and viewer. Using a combination of installation, video, sculpture and performance, she aims to test the boundaries of personal and private viewing and engagement in both real and experienced time and space. In doing so, she asks of the viewer to consider how art can subversively protest ideas surrounding the body, object and performance as a means of placing emphasis on everyday observation.

Agnes was born in Hong Kong, immigrating to Auckland, New Zealand shortly after. She is currently residing in Melbourne aftercompleting a Master of Fine Art at RMIT University in 2011. Recent projects include Dances with Things at SEVENTH, Melbourne, Thingification at RM Gallery and Projects, Auckland, Perception Wave at the Waitakaruru Sculpture Park, Waikato, Blindside Summer Studio 2012, Blindside Gallery, Melbourne and trololol at TCB Art Inc, Melbourne.

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