Penthouse Mouse 2013






David Mutch

David Mutch's practice is multidisciplinary, oscillating between the mediums of photography, video, sculptural installation and sound. Architectural theory, science fiction cinema and psychogeography inform his fascination with how we affect and are affected by urban spaces. These ideas are developed further in recorded and live sound performances as Glass Bricks, he is one half of electronic duo Pissypaw.

Recent solo exhibitions include Why did Aliens Build the Pyramids? at Beam Contemporary, Melbourne and Inverse Universe at Rearview, Melbourne. He has also contributed to various group shows in Melbourne, including Darkness on the Edge of Town (Curated by Kyle Weis) at Beam Contemporary, Hans Arp if you like Dada at ARTbeat and Morelocks, Molepeople at West Space. In June 2013 he will be undertaking an artist residency program at Red Gate Gallery, Beijing. He is represented by Beam Contemporary, Melbourne.

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