Penthouse Mouse 2013






Kirstin Lewis x Blake Barns

Kristin Lewis - Sculptor
I aim to locate myself as a kind of worker, aspiring to create sculpture that does not reference universal experience or personal narrative. Instead, I attempt to enact a speculative mysticism within an architectural/design aesthetic, drawing the viewer to experience a sculptural space which is not relational. I believe that creating the unknown and the ambient can be more engaging than representations of universal experience. My practice spans a range of materials, and recent work has explored the theatricality of objects and machanisms of staging.

Blake Barns - Fashion Designer
I'm generally interested in observing and translating the way people utilize and treat everyday clothing. In developing a sensitivity to the subtly of dress codes, habits and garment relationships and adopting this into my own practice. Focusing predominantly on the individuals relationship with prescribed generic dress, i.e. codes, uniforms, groups etc. I'm becoming more and more interested in subtle slippages and perceived failures in these common languages of dress and exploiting the riches of these tensions, often humorous and poetic.

Sapporo Paul Mitchell Copy Boy Moth Design
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