Penthouse Mouse 2013






Kirsty Hulm x Dale Hardiman

Dale Hardiman explores material substitutes and an autonomous approach to furniture and objects. The majority of his work is based around the exploration of differing methods of manufacturing outside those of industrial practice. Predominantly research and experimentation takes place within his own household using ordinary tools and manufacturing capabilities, allowing for extremely diverse outcomes.

Kirsty Hulm has worked for years in the visual arts dealing with the complex fluctuating relationship between personal ideology, failure and the socio-political culture of confession. Writing serves as a primary departure point, encircling drawing, sculpture, tattoo, publication and interactive events that vacillate between radical inclusion and separation. The work is challenging and revealing whilst maintaining a lyrical and playful nature.

Collaboration has come easy, with practical vs conceptual concerns colliding to make new works that encompass the ideas and aesthetics of both artists. Penthouse Mouse will signal the first showing of a new sculptural light installation before a showcase of new work at the end of 2013.

Sapporo Paul Mitchell Copy Boy Moth Design
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