Penthouse Mouse 2013






Nixi Killick

Nixi Killick is an artist born creative currently based in Melbourne, Australia.
A recent Fashion graduate from RMIT University and working stylist Nixi uses fashion to offer an open dialogue for distilling visions of potential in the unfamiliar.

Negotiating creative constellations Nixi attempts to articulate a utopian freshness adjacent to the possible and impossible, seeking a platform for expression and interface within the critical discourses of visual culture.

Integrating a background in circus costume, performance and the arts Nixi embraces creative escapism and indulgence in the bizarre in her efforts to illustrate the volatility orbiting reality.

Embracing a tacit creative domain as an avenue for articulating a form of maverick-hybrid culture she is fostering optimistic interfaces on the art-fashion nexus that intersect at creative body margins, aiming to capture powerful exuberances through lucid displays of imaginative impulsiveness.

Considering the articulation of recontextualized materials and machinery, moving forward with techno-optimism and an ethos of hybrid practice, Nixi says ' if its not in the future it doesn't exist.'

Sapporo Paul Mitchell Copy Boy Moth Design
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