Penthouse Mouse 2013






Olivia O’Donnell

Olivia completed Fine Arts Honours at VCA in 2011, and is now further developing her arts practice in her Melbourne studio. Motivated by an exploration of place, and the ways in which we see and remember with visual cues. Her ceramic works and cast domestic objects come to serve as a souvenir of a foreign place.
Woven ceramic laundry baskets, cast Japanese hotel towels, and earthenware terri-toweling slippers re-occur throughout her practice, simultaneously providing the viewer with familiar vestiges of our everyday, while questioning their history and material origins.

Focusing on objects recognized as both trade and craft, as well as having a unitary geographical and cultural provenience. It is through cycles of production, exchange and distribution that she finds her area of interest. A kind of place, that can be picked up taken home, redefined and put to use - in order to attain an experience of the other. Oliviaʼs installations aim to speak of the possibility of a foreign place, a place that is dislocated and groundless, the space in-between and our desire for it.

“A house should ideally be a garden, and the ideal design for the furnishing of a house would be a garden design”

Sapporo Paul Mitchell Copy Boy Moth Design
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