Penthouse Mouse 2013






Stephanie Martin

Hailing from Darwin, Northern Territory, Stephanie Martin left the tropics behind to pursue studies in art and design. Having completed a Diploma of Arts (Furniture Design, RMIT), she is currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Object-based Practice, RMIT). Re-appropriating existing objects and symbols, Stephanie challenges the status quo by combining the mundane with the unexpected, arousing curiosity and inviting a reappraisal of ascribed meanings.

Created for Penthouse Mouse 2013, ‘Square One’ illustrates the perceptual process of navigating our way towards a vaguely defined destination.

How much do we dictate our experiences? And to what extent are we guided by external systems?

Our drives: propelled by our collective consciousness, constantly requiring revision and review so that we don’t drift off-route and into the backwaters of irrelevance, nudge us down a cyclical path – a path with no endpoint, only stop offs, moments of pause, when all that has come before is dwarfed by the enormity of what lies ahead.

Ouroboros: the snake that takes us around the same block and down the same garden path and we find we’re all following the same route, looking at the same map… And it’s upside down… And we’re back where we began.

You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here? (Talking Heads)

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