Penthouse Mouse 2013






MidMouse Runways

Friday 15 March

Penthouse Mouse is so pleased to present a dichotomy of Australian Fashion in its most vibrant form. Doors open to the Sapporo bar at 6pm.

Pencil in this date to see two runway shows featuring:

Show 1 - 7.30pm
Autonomy, Leonard Street, The Social Studio, Ameca Calleja, RES Denim and Tightology.

Show 2 - 9.30pm
Raggatt, NEO DIA, Keegan, Christina Exie, Jason Hewitt.

Aural style vibes will be provided in the intermission by the extravagant Zanzibar Chanel, and prodigal rhythms from most talented Andras Fox.

Styling by Connel Chiang

Numbers are strictly limited, to purchase a ticket visit Show 1 Tickets or Show 2 Tickets

Sapporo Paul Mitchell Copy Boy Moth Design
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